Reishi to the rescue!

Since posting about the Reishi mushroom patch, i have thrice used Reishi to heal myself for various things.  As I mentioned in that first post Reishi is a fantastic ally because it is an anti-viral and anti-cancer agent and is supposed to aid with pain and fatigue.  I regularly get bouts of shingles, which is a painful viral upflare of herpes zoster or chicken pocks.  The virus stays dormant in all of us who had it as kids and later may give you shingles.  It forms little blisters on your skin which tingle and burn.  There are expensive anti viral medications that you need to get prescribed and you can get pills or cream, each costing anywhere from 40-80 dollars.  What I do instead, and I have found it to be very effective, is to make a Reishi mushroom decoction and apply Tea Tree oil on the affected area.  Tea Tree oil is also an anti-viral and helps relieve the pain.  A decoction is sort of like making tea, but you simmer your herb for much longer and at very low temperatures.  The Reishi decoction in particular is done over a period of 45 minutes.  I took 5 grams of dried Reishi mushroom and chopped it up as fine as I could and mixed that with 1 cup of water in a pot.  I turned the stove top burner to very low and let it heat up very slowly until it was simmering, all this over a period of 45 minutes.  By the end you get a very bitter, brownish mushroomy tea.  I’m not going to lie to you, it tastes awful.  So what I did was mix in a lot of fresh almond milk and agave syrup.  That definitely makes it bearable.  Today I didn’t have almond milk so I mixed it with some echinacea tea I was already drinking.  The taste is awful, but the effects are marvelous.  I woke up feeling pretty bad this morning, thinking I was coming down with a flu and after drinking my decoction I felt way more energized.  Last month when i had the shingles I drank the decoction at night and the next morning it hurt a lot less.  I kept applying Tea Tree oil after that and it was gone fairly quickly.    Reishi is very amazing.  I know that you can buy tinctures or pills, but i do recommend buying a mushroom kit and growing it yourself.  Its just fun that way and you know for sure where its coming from and that you can count on the potency.  I’m on the lookout for hardwood logs so that I can buy plug spawn for Reishi and other edible mushrooms.


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