This blog is a product of the Women’s Creative Collective for Change 2010 Pachamama Skill Share.  At this event we held amazing workshops led by amazing womyn and transgender folk.  The goal of the skill share was to bring together all our knowledge and create new spaces and new ways to reconnect with the earth, rekindling our relationship to her and healing from the devastation that has been brought upon it and upon our bodies due to colonialism, patriarchy and hierarchical forms of oppression.  One such workshop was led by the authors of this blog and it was about using native plants as herbal medicine.  We covered topics like using plants to cleanse the environment, reconnecting with certain plants and forming alliances with them, using plants to enhance dreams and making tinctures and other medicinal forms to enhance our lives.   This blog will have multiple authors detailing their adventures forging alliances with the earth’s plant children.  Earth provides us with a bounty of foods to nourish us, if we just look around!  Although the capitalistic system we live in has taught us that we must buy our foods from the limited selection that industry has chosen for us, the hardy, native, and nutritious foods found outside our door are not only free, they are incredibly healthful and tasty!  We deeply and vitally affect, and are affected by the plant life around us. Our health ultimately depends on a profound balance between ourselves and the relationship we maintain to our environment.  Exploring plant allies allows us to re-establish the natural balance of our bodies, rather than artificially maintaining them with pharmaceuticals. We are trying to understand the weaknesses of our bodies and replace them with true strength that comes directly from our environment. Trusting the power and beauty of plants to heal our bodies is one step towards resisting the patriarchal system that has denied our inner intelligence and ability to claim authority over our own bodies.  By spreading this knowledge and the specific intention we have behind it, we form more and more pockets of resistance, thereby weakening the stranglehold this invisible yet palpable force has on our lives.  We come to this blog as learners, not as teachers.  It is not meant to be a total or absolute guide to these plants, but experiences we want to share to help you in your own journey.

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