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Elderberry Syrup

Hello lovely people.  I am in love with Elderberry.  It is such a wonderful berry, a bonafide super food.  Supposedly it is packed with antioxidants and has immune boosting properties.  For a while i was taking Elderberry and Zinc lozenges while sick or if I was near people who were sick and it helped a lot.  I read somewhere that Elderberry was common in this area so I’ve kept my eyes open and I found some just down the street from my new place!  Some friends and I went and picked quite a lot of it just recently and I looked up a simple recipe.  There are tons and tons of recipes for elderberry syrup.  The most basic one I found called for the following measures:

1 cup Elderberries

3 cups water

1 cup sugar

juice from a lemon

There are many other recipes and many other end products.  You can make jelly or pie as well.  We picked so many elderberries that I ended up making 2 large pots of syrup.  First you have to know that all parts except flowers and berries of the elderberry are toxic.  So you have to pick the berries off the stems carefully.  I found that the ripe ones came off pretty easily so that I could make short work of it.   You have to rinse them pretty well because they may have that whitish coating on them.  Then I cooked them down with the water for 45 minutes or so.  After I strained that through cheese cloth and then mixed in the sugar and lemon.  I think I made like 7 pints of elderberry syrup.  Some of my friends took it with them to burning man to protect their immune systems.  So far I’ve been mixing in a few table spoons with water to make a light juice or adding it to my morning tea.  Both taste great.  It should last in the fridge for a few months according to what i’ve read.  I may cook it down some more and make a chocolate sauce or something like that just to be creative with it.  Its a really delicious tasting berry and is very versatile.  I recommend finding a nearby bush and harvesting some and giving the syrup or pie or jelly a go.  Its not commonly used yet it grows everywhere.  Berries are very expensive in general and elderberry is practically a weed in some parts.  Why not harvest something with so many health properties and great flavor?