Attack of the Reishi!

So I’ve read so much about Reishi mushrooms and how incredibly amazing they are and what amazing allies they make, that I just HAD to grow some.  I didn’t want to buy a capsule form or dried form.  I wanted to rear it myself.  So I bought a reishi mushroom indoor patch from fungi perfecti.  I love that site.  When i have my own garden in a month or so I’m going to setup a kickass mushroom garden with some edibles and maybe some more Reishi.  So what are some of the benefits?  It is effective against fatigue, coughs/asthma, diabetes, cancer, viruses, neuralgia, and other infections.  Its supposed to be good for shingles, which is one of my many ailments, which is a viral flare up inside specific nerve-endings.  Basically, Reishi sounds like a miracle herb.  You can make a strong tea out of the dried (and if you want pulverized) mushroom conks and drink it when you’re sick or during a detox or just to build immunity.  I already harvested one and its so weird looking!  I had fun with my camera and zoomed in on it so that you can’t tell if you’re looking at some bizarre underwater sea creature up-close or some alien planet.  The growing experience was fun.  When i got the patch it was just a big blob in a bag with some antler-like knobs.  Soon they got bigger and expanded out into saucer-like growths.  Then came the sporing stage and that was crazy.  The spores were everywhere inside the bag.  The fine brown dust covered everything.  I wish i could save everyone and propagate the patch.  Supposedly I can if  I place the leftover patch into a hardwood log.  I’ll give it a try of course, but the results are supposed to be variable and it could take over a year for me to see new growth.  I still have 2 more little guys growing in the patch which i guess I’ll harvest in a few weeks.  Mushrooms are so incredible, they don’t quite fit inside the animal kingdom or the plant kingdom, they’re an in between.  And there is so much lore surrounding them, both positive and negative tales, they seem to emanate a pure and alien magic.  I highly recommend growing your own mushrooms, either edible or medicinal.  Its just fun to watch them grow and develop.

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